We began in 2009 with Western Painted Turtle population assessments on the South Coast of British Columbia. After building a population inventory, it was important to assess potential threats, as well as determine ways to mitigate population decline. Through research and outreach, we were able to implement population and habitat restoration protocols. Since then, we have expanded our surveys to help protect many other reptile, amphibian, mammal, and avian species in our areas of study.

A number of our programs monitor the colony, roost and nest locations of native at-risk species in B.C. including Western Screech Owl, Western Toad, Red-legged Frog, Goshawks, bats, and more recently the Central American Hicatee in Belize. Anendangered plant species in B.C., the Rigid Apple Moss, is also being monitored through our programs. In addition, we track invasive species populations and impacts on our target native species and ecosystems. We collect vital information, such as: location, temperature, egg development, productivity, recruitment, and much more.