The Coastal Partners in Conservation Society is involved in a number of important projects that not only help to conserve habitat and protect native species, but also engage and educate the community. Our research is aimed to identify and map the distribution of species at risk and helps us better understand the ecosystem at a given location. With this information, we are able to raise awareness for protecting and restoring vital habitat. Outreach helps us relay this information to local groups, landowners, land managers, and any other party interested in protecting habitat. As we continue to collect data and disseminate information, our ability to manage these habitats increases and better prepares us for current and future environmental changes.

Some of our conservation efforts include:

  • Monitoring populations of native and non-natives species–population dynamics, disease, nesting data, breeding locations, threats, trends, needs, and much more

  • Removal of non-native species, when possible

  • Raising awareness for at-risk species and diminishing habitat

  • Community involvement projects

  • Placing educational signs near important habitats to inform visitors on conservation and restoration plans